this picture shows the cause of death of a project.

unpack with different framerate'sUnpack with different framerate’s

I experiment with a WII-moteĀ  with Motion PLUS attached.

I use CNMAT OSC library which stands for Open Sound C library a way to communicate between OSCulator(use version 2.5.6, otherwise you have to register at their site)



To recap: first the WII-mote,

then OSCulator 2.5.6,

then this max patch.

The reasson this patch is dead, it is because i saw the above result while testing.

Which baffled me if a list should be unpacked it should give the same bang on all the exits.

I grunted and thought how bad these French derived software projects turn out to be. I had a typical

always-blame-someone-else attitude. Now as i worked on this article i discovered why i got this result.

Yes this project is dead because i read the results wrong.

The unpack gives this result, because the received list is different in size !

for you i adapted the patch with a [zl len] object and a print to the maxwindow,

lo and behold during five results i receive 4 short lists with two elements and 1 with four.
That explains why i had the result as shown at the top, so if you encounter something that baffles you while you are working. It helps to talk/write about it.

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